Erin Norris Bryant, Colortech Inc. | Rising Stars 2022

Erin Norris Bryant, 25

Marketing Specialist, Colortech Inc.

Erin Norris Bryant had just finished a course in sustainable strategic management at East Tennessee State University, where she was earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing, when a classmate put her in touch with the management team at Colortech Inc. She said she didn’t know much about the plastics industry before she started at Colortech, but was interested in the importance of sustainability in business.

Once introduced to the Morristown, TN-based color and additive concentrate manufacturer, she was “looking forward to joining the team and promoting their innovative work in the industry and strong community presence. in eastern Tennessee. She started in January 2019 as a marketing specialist.

In her role, she helped launch the Colortech website and led the campaign to share the new website with the community, customers and industry contacts. She has produced brand videos that spotlight Colortech associates to recruit new team members.

Norris Bryant initiated the launch of the company blog on his website and analyzed notes from the sales team to determine key topics to cover on the blog.

“It’s been a great way to collaborate with members of the technical service team to write informative and creative content,” she said.

In 2021, she led a project to write and publish Colortech’s first sustainability report. “After previewing and formatting the layout, I worked with multiple departments to compile data related to how Colortech is improving internally on sustainability and how we can support our partners,” she said.

“When I started at Colortech,” she said, “I was the only marketing associate, and I’m proud of the foundation I’ve helped build with the support of our sales and technical teams. .”

Because she does not come from a science or engineering background, Norris Bryant said she continually challenges herself “to learn more about the technical side of Colortech’s product in order to better understand the situation as a whole”.

“Since joining Colortech, spending time in QA labs and manufacturing facilities, I’ve learned to not shy away from asking questions and identifying new ways to share ongoing innovations with our customers. at Colortech,” she said.

After graduating from college, Norris Bryant became passionate about mentoring students.

“I really enjoy getting to know our high school and college interns at Colortech and volunteering to support students in my spare time through various organizations,” she said. Norris Bryant is a mentor for the non-profit organization tnAchieves and a board member of its high school alumni association.

Norris Bryant was nominated by Stefanie Holtham, marketing manager at Colortech.

Q: Who is your mentor or someone you look up to?

Norris Bryant: My late grandfather, Esco Owens, is someone I’ve looked up to all my life. He grew up in the rural mountains of East Tennessee and later served his country in the Navy, established a career in the early days of information technology, and devoted his time away from work to travel with his family and serve others through philanthropic work.

Q: What surprises you about the plastics industry?

Norris Bryant: The biggest surprise I had at the start of my marketing career in the plastics industry was to realize how much plastics improve our daily lives. From medical supplies to food packaging, plastics play a vital role in every aspect of our lives.

Q: What has been the biggest impact/challenge on your career from the coronavirus pandemic?

Norris Bryant: The biggest impact the pandemic has had on my career has been learning the importance of improving and staying consistent in communication when you can’t meet face to face. I am grateful to have spent my freshman year out of college in 2019 building relationships with my team members at Colortech and how we were able to adapt to the new changes that 2020 brought and continue to stay engaged while working from a distance.