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Setting the mood is a key part of planning any celebration. Whether indoors or out, use lighting to set the mood, create a theme, spruce up a dance floor space, or simply light up a space for guests. As evening approaches, step up your game and wow your guests with pops of color in unexpected places. Make your event unforgettable and light up the night!

String lighting

String lighting is one of the most versatile choices when it comes to lights that can be used indoors or outdoors, under a tent or hung in trees. LED bistro lighting features a series of small bulbs that can create enough light for people to see, but not so much that the mood is lost. If you’re renting a tent for your outdoor reception, adding lights to the order is a no-brainer, especially if you’re planning to go evening with your event. Increase the fairy lights and give the illusion of a night under the stars!

If you prefer to eat “al fresco”, attaching bistro lights to surrounding fences, shrubs or trees above can be a nice addition. Be sure to discuss this when renting your lights, as installation may or may not be included in your rental.

LED coffee tables

Turning your vision into a “lit” reality will often involve more than just string lighting. Consider other things like candles on your tables, citronella tiki torches to keep bugs away, or a colorful disco ball on the dance floor depending on the type of event you’re hosting. LED cocktail tables are another super fun and hugely popular addition to the lighting game. Kill two birds with one stone by giving your guests a place to place their drinks or pause to chat, while creating pops of color and light in your party space. These rechargeable tables come with a remote control to select the color or colors that best suit your theme. Arrange them around a pool or under a tent, strewn across the yard or strategically placed on a patio, LED cocktail tables are perfect for any event!

Whatever lighting you choose, remember to consider things like power sources, extension cords, and proper fire safety if you opt for candles and torches. Make sure your rechargeable lights are fully charged and ready to go. Plan ahead and be prepared to avoid last minute stress and ensure your guests are wowed!

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