Bitter Blast Tuesday, Back To The 30s Wednesday – Boston News, Weather, Sports

A wind advisory is in effect for parts of Worcester County and northwestern Middlesex County from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday. Wind chills can be as low as -15º to -20º. When the felt temperature is near or below -15 ° C, you can get frostbite on exposed skin (fingers, toes, nose and ears) in as little as 30 minutes.

For the rest of the area, it will still be cold with wind chills between -5º and -10º. Things improve at least a little in the afternoon as the wind calms down.

It looks like Tuesday’s high temperatures will reach around midnight tonight among teens in Boston. The afternoon temperature will be close to 10º, but the maximum for the day will probably be around 17º. This means that we will not break the record for high cold temperatures of 12 ° in 1981.

That arctic air won’t be around for too long. Wednesday starts in single digits and teens then a warm front allows our highs to jump in the mid 1930s. It will get windy as that front moves through the area in the afternoon. Thursday there is less wind and it is mild compared to the cold we will feel tomorrow.

We are seeing an offshore storm on Friday which could bring light snow to the area. Right now, it seems that most of this system is missing. The peaks only reach teens on Saturdays and the skies are partially sunny.

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