Accelerating Health Equity: Moving from Conversation to Action

The past 24 months have shown the best of what we can achieve as healthcare organizations working in partnership with communities. This era has also shed light on how far we must go to achieve a just society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health.

Now is the time to assess how far we have come in closing health gaps, to assess where health care is on the path to equity, and to build on what we have learned to strengthen our organizations and communities through collaborative and innovative work – investing in our neighborhoods and each other. We must continue to develop better and more equitable solutions to dismantle the structural barriers that prevent access to high quality care and better health outcomes.

The issues are old and well documented. The vision is clear. The time to act is now.

It takes a collective effort to uncover gaps in health outcomes and access to health, engage in critical conversations, and solve problems to eliminate health inequities.

And it starts by asking: what is my role? How can I help evolve my organization’s approach to health to more intentionally infuse an equity lens? And what tools, tactics, and resources do I need to mobilize my organization’s leadership and workforce to achieve more equitable outcomes for all?

Under the theme “Moving the Path Forward,” the 2022 AHA Accelerating Health Equity Conference, May 10-12 in Cleveland, will bring together frontline leaders charged with improving community and population health, equity in health, diversity and inclusion and will foster conversations about who, what, why, how and when – as a community – can ultimately realize our collective vision to ensure all people have the opportunity to lead healthy lives. .

To achieve this vision, we will need tools and resources to:

  • expanding knowledge through innovative strategies, successful actions and proven practices;
  • building stronger community ties; and
  • develop more integrated approaches to health equity.

In advance of this conference, the AHA has just released the Health Equity Roadmap, an innovative framework to support hospitals and health systems in their efforts to become more equitable organizations and dismantle structural barriers to health and general well-being.

During the conference, participants:

  • hear from key opinion leaders – including Heather McGhee, Bechara Choucair, MD and Hilton Kelley;
  • learn from peers across the United States about replicable tactics that are advancing health equity in hospitals, health systems, and communities today; and
  • have opportunities to engage onsite in community immersion experiences that highlight community investment for health in action.

The issues are old and well documented. The vision is clear. The time to act is now. Join us in Cleveland to share your successes and challenges and learn from others. Then prepare to engage your organization and community in new and essential ways to accelerate health equity.

Early bird registration for the AHA Accelerating Health Equity Conference closes March 31. View conference details and register.

Joy A. Lewis is Senior Vice President, Health Equity Strategies and Executive Director of the American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity. Nancy Myers is vice president, systems leadership and innovation, at the American Hospital Association.