A time machine for social media, news and trends

If you take pride in knowing the latest internet memes and current trends, you’re probably someone who spends a lot of time on the web. But what if the unthinkable happens and you’re forced to spend a few days offline? How are you going to catch up?

Walk in Rewind.

A Montreal-based startup aims to keep you from missing out on popular trends, memes and media with its online time machine Rewind.

Rrrewind’s web app contains a wealth of information dating back to 2009 and allows users to browse a range of channels such as Digg, Reddit and Hacker News. Apart from news, Rrrewind also provides users with channels for Hulu, YouTube, Yahoo Video, Dribbble, ffffound, iTunes, We are Hunted, Instagram, Picplz, Amazon, Google Trends, and Yahoo Buzz.

Media channels can be described as history channels that display popular trends for each day, allowing users to easily browse posts by day. For example, if you select the Flickr channel, you will immediately be presented with the most popular images on Flickr from yesterday. Rrrewind seamlessly cycles through past days, transporting you to a trending history at the click of a “back” arrow.

If you are only looking for a specific day, Rrrewind has also included an archive feature that allows users to easily jump to any date. This is a good option but note that dates vary by channel. While the Flickr channel dated back to June 2009, the Dribble channel was limited to posts dating back to October 2010.

New channels coming soon

We had the chance to speak with founder Roberto Martinez via email. He tells us he launched the site in late December and shared that he developed the site to scratch his own itch. He wanted a way to save stuff he missed from Hacker News and Dribbble.

Martinez said that starting this weekend, Rrrewind will get a new set of channels. He also mentioned a few that he would like to be able to offer.

New channels include Imgur, Twitter (popular tweets), Slideshare, WordPress and Pinboard. Tumblr, Posterous and Soundcloud are three that Martinez said he would like to implement, but due to the limitations of different APIs, he says there is no way to do so.

The essential :

The layout and design of Rewind coupled with the archive feature, gives users an easy way to discover posts, trends, and memes that have been missed. It certainly has addictive qualities and it may be one of the only (if not the only) service of its kind. If you consult it, do not hesitate to let us know your impressions.