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Simon Lizotte, a professional disc golfer, pitches at Faylor Lake Disc Golf Park in Snyder County.

BEAVER SPRINGS — Discmania-sponsored professional disc golfer Simon Lizotte recently visited the new Faylor Lake disc golf course, north of Beaver Springs.

Simon Lizotte, who is also a YouTube video blogger from Shrewbury, Massachusetts, visited the course Thursday morning to play a round and get footage of the course for his Youtube channel.

Lizotte was accompanied by Steve Braud, commercial director of Discmania and course designer of the DiscGolfPark. They got to the course early and just minutes after shooting the intro footage for the video a bald eagle dove into the lake for a fish and they managed to capture the image of the flying eagle above the water, its reflection reflecting in the steaming lake below. .

“It was so exciting to have the eagle in the video,” said Brad. “We want to show everyone how amazing this property is and bringing the eagle in was just the icing on the cake.”

Although she hasn’t played the course before, Lizotte – currently ranked No. 11 in the world – took advantage of the conditions to shoot a par 60 from 9 under the Par 69 Gold layout. Braud, who is a good player himself, shot a par 76 7-for-7, highlighting how quickly scores can change on a tough course like Faylor Lake Disc Golf Park.

“Although it may not be the best or most difficult course, it may be the most enjoyable and fun course I have ever played,” said Lizotte after her turn.

That’s saying something, considering he’s played on the best courses in the world.

“Disc golf seems to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world. To have a disc golf professional visit the Faylor Lake course is huge,” said Snyder County Commissioner Adam Ewig. “A big thank you to Lee Zimmerman for his vision and to Steve Braud of Discmania for his expertise in creating Faylor Lake Disc Golf Park. After reading reviews of the park and seeing the course come to life, this is confirmation that this project has made the best use of this part of the lake property.”

Lizotte, a native of Bremen, Germany, has been playing disc golf at a professional level since 2008 and has 72 career wins. He is German quadruple disc golf

Champion, two-time European Champion and has won several Disc Golf Pro Tour events in the United States

He is also the former world record holder for the longest golf disc drive and the current world record holder for the fastest throw ever at 89.5 mph.

His YouTube channel has over 150,000 subscribers from all over the world and his popularity in sports is hugely influential.

“When her video dropped there were so many shares, messages, cross messages, comments, etc. that I had to turn my phone off to sleep,” said Andy Klinger, who manages Faylor Lake Disc Golf Park’s social media. “It’s so cool and exciting to see this happening right here in Snyder County.”

“I can’t wait to come back and play the course again,” said Lizotte. “It was very fun.”

A tournament is planned for the fall in which Lizotte and hopefully other Discmania-sponsored pros will participate.

The Lake Faylor course is one of several courses in Snyder County. In April, Midd-West senior Gavin Portzline and others installed an 18-hole course on the school’s campus, modeled in part on the Lake Faylor course. There is also a Selinsgrove Area School District Property Course.

Disc golf, whose roots date back to the 1920s, involves throwing flying discs, such as Frisbees, at a target basket from a tee pad. As in traditional golf, the goal is to get the disc into the target in as few shots as possible.

The community is invited to play the course and participate in all Faylor Lake activities.

There is always a need for volunteers to help with cleanup projects and also an opportunity for individuals and local businesses to get involved in sponsoring projects on the course. For more information, contact the course at [email protected]

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