5 things to know in Australia today

Happy Monday. A few things happened over the weekend, so let’s catch up before you start your week.

1. Uber was hacked and it doesn’t look good

Uber was hacked and boy does it look wrong. The hacker, who bragged about his accomplishments via Telegram this week, claims to be an 18-year-old who was granted such liberal access to the tech giant’s network that he was able to release the workforce from Uber and posting a picture of a dick on the company’s internal websites. Here’s everything we know.

2. Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory reaches a milestone

Tesla opened a Gigafactory in Austin, Texas in April. This factory has now built its 10,000th Model Y electric SUV. Brought to our attention by Electrek, it doesn’t give us the exact current production rate, but it’s probably more than a thousand vehicles per week that are produced by the Elon Musk company. The Model Y was recently crowned Australia’s safest car.

3. SpaceX is testing Starlink Internet in Antarctica using space lasers

Also in Elon Musk’s world, Starlink made its way to the southernmost continent, beaming broadband internet to a research facility in Antarctica. McMurdo Station, a research outpost run by the US Antarctic Program, is testing a Starlink terminal to improve its connectivity. McMurdo Station conducts scientific research on geology, astrophysics, and climate systems, among others. The research center accommodates nearly 1,000 people during the Antarctic summer season.

4. Bitcoin Country El Salvador’s Credit Dropped Again

Remember when El Salvador thought it was a good idea to make bitcoin legal tender? Well, things are fine (they aren’t). Credit agency Fitch downgraded El Salvador’s debt rating from CCC to CC about 14 months after the company’s chairman and aspiring authoritarian Nayib Bukele made bitcoin a recognized legal tender in the United States. national scale. CC, for context, represents Fitch’s fourth-worst credit rating and sits seven ticks below the AAA gold standard.

5. Google mistakenly sends nearly $250,000 to blogger

As Business Insider reported, Google accidentally sent a quarter of a million dollars to a blogger and security engineer, who says he waited nearly a month for a response from the company. According to the man’s tweet, Google “randomly” transferred $249,999 (about $370,500) to him. He is a security engineer who does “bug hunting” work for organizations like Google. But this payment does not reflect jobs.

BONUS ITEM: After this photo was released, the Thai Red Cross urged people not to do this. We wholeheartedly agree, please don’t sell your kidney for an iPhone 14.

Have a good week.